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Working Budget

Chedar lets you take recap the budgeting project and provide the provisional and actual costs. You can also upload the invoices and specify the actual production costs for each of them.

In Quote page, click Recap once all the budgeting parameters are specified. The Rendu page displays.

This page shows a grid view where rows represent various production cost sections, sub-sections, and cost lines similar to the Quote page. The columns show the the cost parameters.

In Rendu page, you can perform the following activities:

Fill Cost Parameters

The Rendu page lets you specify various cost parameters against each cost line. The details of the available cost parameters are given below:


Displays the total budget cost of an item. This is the total cost of an item that is calculated on the Quote page based on certain budget parameters.You can not modify this value.


Lets you specify the estimated cost of an item prior to shooting


Lets you specify the actual cost spent on an item during the shoot


Displays a payroll tax status of the cost item. If the payroll tax is applicable to the cost item, it displays Yes, otherwise No.

This value is set against a cost item on the Quote page.

Actual PT

Lets you specify the actual payroll tax status of an item.


Lets you specify any comments related to the cost item if required.

Invoice ID

Lets you specify the invoice ID related to the cost item.


Lets you upload the invoice document related to the cost item.

To upload invoice document related to the cost item:

  1. Double-click in the Invoice column against the cost item. A popup menu displays.

  1. In the popup menu, click . The Upload Invoice dialog displays.

The Upload Document box opens

  1. Click the icon or Drag and Drop the desired Invoice from your local machine or system.

Syncing Budget

The Sync operation lets you synchronize the latest budget values from Quote to Rendu page. When you click “Sync”, the “Budget” column updates with the latest budget values set in the Quote page.

To do so:

In Rendu page, click Sync.

The budget column updates with the latest budget values.

Generating Provisional and Actual PDF Reports

When you are done by specifying all cost parameter in Rendu page, you can review the overall summary and generate actual, provisional, and detailed budgeting reports in a PDF file.

To do so:

  1. In Rendu page, click Summary.
  2. The Summary page displays where you can view the overall summary based on your specified settings.

  1. To generate PDF reports, click any of the following options:

PDF Provisional

Generates a PDF which consists of Budget and Provisional costs of the items.

PDF Actual

Generates a PDF report which consists of budget and Actual costs of the items.

PDF Detailed

Generates a PDF report which consists of the Actual costs of the items.