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Chedar offers you the possibility to create a provisional shooting summary and to access it easily and quickly on the platform. Thanks to Chedar's Prep grid, you can more closely monitor the forecast and actual costs as well as the margins on your shoots. You can also generate purchase orders and track your suppliers' cash receipts in real time.

The output is displayed as shown below:

  1. The Prep page presents a grid in which the rows represent the sections, subsections and production cost lines and the columns represent the cost parameters, as defined on the Budget page. It allows you to specify projected costs, add suppliers and generate purchase orders. This page also shows the projected cost totals and the margin in euros and in percentage in red:


  1. The Wrap page is presented as the Prep page. It allows you to show the actual costs and to monitor the collection of suppliers in real time. This page also shows the actual cost totals and the margin in euros and percentage in yellow:


  1. In this section, we will go through the Prep page of the quote together, see below:
  1. We will also go through the Wrap page of the quote, see below:
  1. And finally, we will show you how :
  1. All data you enter in the Prep and Wrap grids are automatically saved: