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Manage Invoices

Chedar lets you view and manage the list of the generated invoices through the Invoices section. To view the list of the generated invoices.

  1. To access Menu Pane, from the Top Bar, click

    The Menu Pane Appears

  1. From the Left pane, click Invoices

    The Invoices section displays

  1. In Invoices section, you can view the list of all generated invoices. For each invoice, you can view the following details in the list:
    • Invoice Number: The auto generated unique number assigned to each invoice by the system.
    • Client: The name of the client for which the invoice is generated.
    • Invoice Date: The date on which invoice is generated.
    • Status: The current status of an invoice. The invoice can have any of the following statuses:
      • Pending: Invoice has been issued but not marked as paid by the user
      • Paid: mark as paid (see below how to mark an invoice as paid)
      • Overdue: When the due date on the invoice has elapsed
      • Archived: You can archive an invoice if you noticed some error in the invoice after having generated it. Please note
    • Amount: The amount to be paid for an invoice.